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Spring and Summer Fashion 2021

It's always exciting when that early September warmth begins to breeze through and blooms start to appear on appear on bare branches - there's a promise of new life in the air (and after this winter in most parts of Australia, by do we need that!)

All this change in the air makes us want to shed those heavy winter layers and replace the darker tones with light and bright hues that celebrate the season. These themes are often reflected in the Spring fashion trends - reflecting the buoyant and expectant mood displayed all around us in nature!

Capsule Wardrobe + Spring Trends

One of the wonderful things about the capsule wardrobe is it's flexibility. The classic staple pieces that form the backbone of our personal clothing collections can be adapted and updated using accessories to suit the season, the weather, the occasion or simply, the mood you find yourself in! You needn't be a slave to fashion trends, but with your capsule wardrobe and a few key statement accessories, you can still take inspiration from what is currently gracing the catwalks and adopt the elements that capture your imagination!

These are some fresh looks that are getting people excited for the Spring months ahead...


Pastel colours are instantly evocative of delicate spring blooms and are a recurring seasonal favourite. While stepping out in pastels from head to toe in a tailored baby pink suit is a thing - its not for everyone! You can, however, get on board with this very feminine and fun trend with a touch of pastel to highlight your outfit thanks to our range of pastel toned tights and socks.

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Swedish Stockings Judith Dot Socks 2 Pack $32.95
Swedish Stockings Judith Dot Socks 2 Pack $32.95


Sneakers have certainly been one of the most enduring fashion trends of the 21st century - perhaps because of the comfort and practicality that comes with this uber-popular look! And Spring/Summer 21 has no intention of leaving sneakers behind - they continue to be a must-have item, but particularly of interest are retro-styled, pastel coloured, chunky and minimalist styled sneakers.

You can change up your sneaker look with so many different styles of tights and socks for infinite street-chic possibilities!

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Shades of Blue

All kinds of shades of blue have been making an appearance on the catwalks this season from the barely there Cerulean - likened to a clear Summer's day by Pantone - to Deep Sky Blue and green tinged aqua tones.

Blue shades are a great way to soften a mostly black outfit and give it a Summery lift!

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Of course, Spring is synonymous with florals for obvious reasons but there is so much variety in natural prints, they will never get boring! This season's twist on the classic floral is the bolder the better!

This year Swedish Stockings has released their first floral print in both tights and socks with the eye-catching Ada Flower collection.

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