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Carly Cura, founder of Sustainable Hosiery and Essentials Australia

Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies is a collaborative space for movers and shakers who care for the environment. In other words, entrepreneurs that care about our planet.

Sustainable Hosiery Swedish Stockings Li

Why You Need to be Buying Sustainable Hosiery

Emma in Swedish Stockings Liv Net Socks

Sustainable Hosiery Swedish Stockings Li

Is it winter yet?

"I’m ready to bust out my new @swedishstockings, the worlds first conscious pantyhose. "

[TEMPLATE] IG Stories Podcast .png

Sustainable Christmas Tips

Carly from Sustainable Hosiery shares her top tips for a sustainable Christmas on the Sustainable Shift Podcast.

Sustainable Hosiery Swedish Stockings Ocean Friendly Tights

Swedish Stockings: Tights Tackling Ocean Waste

Brittanie Dreghorn writes about the sustainability of Swedish Stockings

Sustainable Hosiery Swedish Stockings Fights Waste

Tights Go Green to Fight Sheer Waste

Recycled Fishnet reaches the catwalk as top brands seek a new eco-friendly image for fashion's most disposable item.

Can the hosiery industry be sustainable?

Can the Hosiery Industry be Sustainable?

To anyone who is interested in eco-friendly fashion, the words “sustainable hosiery” might well seem like an oxymoron...

Sustainable Hosiery Swedish Stockings New Zealand Fashion Week

What I Learnt From Wearing One Dress To New Zealand Fashion Week

Kate Hall wears Swedish Stockings Selma Net Tights

Sustainable Hosiery Swedish Stockings Fi

Shop sustainably. Shop consciously. Shop Swedish Stockings.

"This awesome brand is the only sustainable hosiery brand worldwide, and I am honoured to be a part of their journey."

Sustainable Hosiery Arizona Muse Sustain

Arizona Muse: The Fashion World Needs to Step up on Sustainability

"I love Swedish Stockings, I really hope other brands follow them..."

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