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Simple Ways to Support Fair Trade

From the 22nd of February to the 7th of March is Fair Trade Fortnight - an event that started in the UK and is now a global movement to celebrate and create awareness about the importance of Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Farming

Fair Trade is all about supporting producers in developing countries to achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships and the theme for this year's Fair Trade Fortnight is "Choose the World You Want." This is such an empowering and hope-filled statement, alluding to the power that we have as consumers to choose where we spend our money based on the values that we hold as important.

Every time you spend money you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want - Anne Lappe

Unfortunately, the fashion world is a minefield fraught with opportunities to unwittingly throw our dollars behind unethical, unfair and unsustainable practices. It can be really difficult to discern which companies are doing the right thing too - with so much lack of transparency and "green-washing" around.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic organisations around, dedicated to holding businesses accountable and ensuring that they meet strict standards relating to the social, physical and economic wellbeing of all those involved in the supply chain that is employed to create our garments. Organisations such as the Global Textile Standard which

certifies products that have been rigorously scrutinised in order to be given the GOTS Certified Organic tick of approval.

What Makes Organic Cotton Fair?

I'm glad you asked! There are a number of standards that GOTS certified organic cotton producers are held to which make a hugely positive impact on farmers, communities and the natural environment. Here are just a few:

Organic Cotton is clearly the superior choice - so where can you get products that use it and are manufactured ethically and sustainably? We've compiled a list across a few fashion categories of clothing of conscious brands using organic cotton to help you choose well when voting with your wallet: