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We are a small family-owned business based in Sydney, Australia with a passion for ethical fashion. We have searched the globe for the best innovations in ethical fashion and in 2018 we were so excited to discover Swedish Stockings Conscious Pantyhose! For us, ethical fashion means treating people and the environment with respect without compromising on quality or style and Swedish Stockings embraces these values in everything they do. 

We are proud to be the very first to bring a hosiery label that is Fair-trade, recycled (and recyclable), zero-waste, zero-emissions and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to the Australian market! 

About Sustainable Hosiery

Why Hosiery?

Well, apart from being major tights aficionados, we are big fans of the sustainable and versatile wardrobe - that is a capsule collection of classic pieces that you can wear in many different ways, season after season. Hosiery is the perfect accessory for extending the possibilities of your existing wardrobe and adding trans-seasonability to your favourite items. Hosiery is at once a practical wardrobe staple and a statement piece that adds flair to any outfit.

Despite its versatility, hosiery has a pretty bad reputation as a highly polluting, throw-away item of clothing, which is what makes Swedish Stockings so unique. Swedish Stockings are produced in zero-emmisions and zero-waste factories from recycled nylon yarn and they are made to last! 

At Sustainable Hosiery, it is our vision to expand our offering to include other sustainable wardrobe basics to help you build your own brand of conscious style. 

Susan, Michael and Carly 

Sustainable Hosiery Australia


The market for ethically made and environmentally sustainable clothing is growing! Customers are asking who made their clothes and what kind of impact their fashion choices will make.

If you are a retailer who would like to find out about how Swedish Stockings can position your store as a leader in sustainable fashion and meet your customers' demand for quality eco-conscious products, contact us for more information. 

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