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Best Sustainable Socks Looks on Instagram

Socks: not just for keeping your feet comfy and warm - right now they are officially making a comeback as a must-have fashion item!

Adding a chic pair of socks is a great way to change up your look and extend the range of your existing wardrobe - which is an important consideration when trying to make your fashion choices more sustainable.

This is what Fashion Revolution has to say about the environmental impact of your wardrobe's longevity:

* 40% of clothing is never or rarely worn

* The average piece of clothing is worn only 4 times

* By doubling the useful life of clothing from 1 year to 2 years reduces emissions over the year by 24%

* Extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30%

To help us to practically use these facts to guide our fashion consumption, Livia Firth recently challenged us to make sure that we get at least #30wears out of every piece of clothing we buy. So here's some style inspiration to get you re-wearing what you've got while keeping boredom at bay by accessorising with ethically and sustainably made socks from Swedish Stockings:

1. Klara Knit Socks

Klara is the cutest patterned knit ankle socks made from 97% Nilit Ecocare recycled nylon yarn. Klara is available in black or ivory and are perfect for that hot heels/sandals and socks look!

2. Stella Shimmery Socks

Who can resist a bit of sparkle? Especially sparkly socks - and all the better when those socks are made using Q-Nova regenerated yarn! Stella Shimmery Socks add that little touch of playfulness to your outfit that you can wear in so many ways.

3. Ebba Pom Pom Socks

If you think conscious fashion is all beige and conservative, you seriously need to see Ebba Pom Pom Socks! Would you describe yourself as quirky and fun? Ebba is the one for you! With 95% recycled yarn and pom poms to boot - Ebba is both adorable and sustainable!

4. Judith Premium Socks

Now back to something a little less "out-there", but endlessly versatile; Judith is the multi-tasker of the Swedish Stockings socks portfolio. With potential for corporate wear, casual streetwear and even sportswear, Judith a great wardrobe staple. Plus Judith comes in a range of colours including khaki (above), ivory, blue, red and black and also the new "dot" styles in light blue and grey. Don't forget, Judith is also made from 92% recycled yarn!

5. Fishnet Socks

Fishnet socks have been having an extended moment for awhile now and its not hard to see why! Add a wow-factor to an ordinary outfit, an edge of sophistication to a party dress or dress up a pair of sneakers - fishnet socks do it all! And Swedish Stockings have the look cornered from all angles with a variety of styles and colours to choose from.

Elvira Net Socks (pictured above on model Scarlett Rose Leithold) are a delicate, subtle fishnet which you can get away with in the office - available in black, nude or wine. If you want a style which is a bit bolder and can hold its own against a chunkier shoe, Vera Net Socks are perfect - available in black, ivory and wine.

Don't forget to tag us @sustainable_hosiery to show us how you wear your Swedish Stockings sustainable socks!

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