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Fishnets Forever!

From the burlesque dance halls of 1880's Paris to fashion icons of the 50s and 60s and Madonna's signature 80s look - fishnets are, today, having more of a moment than ever.

Fishnets from 19th century burlesque to the Kardashians

Once considered quite risqué, the '2000 and teens' are bringing this enduring accessory to the forefront of fashion in surprising, adventurous and downright wearable ways, showcasing their chameleon-like versatility!

Still not convinced they're for you? Let me share with you some fabulous ways to sneak different types of fishnets into your wardrobe routine and adapt them to your personal style. And, by the way, you can also get that warm and fuzzy feeling when purchasing our Swedish Stockings range of fishnet tights and socks, knowing that they are made with 76-95% recycled polyamide in zero-waste ethical factories!

1. Add a sophisticated edge to your Spring/Summer Dresses

Fine net tights like Swedish Stockings Liv or Vera tights and socks can be perfectly pared with light, airy fabrics and floral prints or block colours. Where black may appear a bit stark, nudes, greens, ivory and red/burgundy work a treat. Fine textured fishnets paired with heels elevates your outfit from beach to lunch date, from park to party.Or, if you prefer to add a different kind of edge, match with boots.

Swedish Stockings Vera Net Tights Wine and Violet Fish Isabella Dress
Liv Net Tights in Wine with Violet Fish Isabella Dress

Swedish Stockings Vera Net Tights Ivory
Vera Net Socks in Ivory

Swedish Stockings Liv Fishnet Socks Wine
Liv Net Socks in Wine

2. Team with jeans

Fishnet tights or socks will add interest to your outfit when wearing jeans. Add heels for sophistication or sneakers for a more casual look.

Fishnets can be a more comfortable alternative to socks in the Summer months for a moisture wicking barrier between your shoes and your feet, but with plenty of air-flow. They have the added benefit of providing a non-slip grip which can really come in handy with stilettos!

If you're game, you can take your cue from Kendall and let your stockings peep through your favourite pair of ripped jeans!

Swedish Stockings Black Rut Fishnet
Rut Net Tights

Swedish Stockings Liv Fishnet Wine
Liv Net Socks in Wine

Swedish Stockings Liv Fishnet Socks Black
Liv Net Socks in Black

Kendall Jenner Fishnets and Jeans
Kendall Jenner rocks fishnets under her jeans

3. Make it sporty

I don't know who first thought of introducing fishnets to sneakers, but now that it's a thing, I'm inclined to say, in the words of Olaf: put them together - it just makes sense!

The look is fresh, athletic and gives a smart edge to that unquenchable trend for wearing activewear EVERYWHERE. This look works especially well with ivory or nude shades of fishnets.

Swedish Stockings Liv Nude Fishnet Tights Judith Socks
Liv Net Tights in Nude layered with Judith Socks in Cream

Swedish Stockings White Fishnet Socks Allbirds Sustainable Running Shoes
Vera Net Socks in Ivory with All Birds sustainable wool runners

4. Don't hide your socks away!

Forget that anyone ever told you that socks were never to be seen with sandals or the fact that you haven't worn socks with a skirt since your school days. Fishnet socks are here to be seen and here to make a statement! These are make your outfit kind of socks so allow them to bask in the limelight!

Swedish Stockings Vera Fishnet Socks Black
Vera Net Socks in Black courtesy of Inlace Media

Swedish Stockings Black Fishnet Socks
Vera Net Socks in Black courtesy of Inlace Media

5. Mix up your corporate attire

Don't be afraid to bring fishnets to the office (providing you stick to some common sense guidelines!) Fishnets look perfectly elegant under tailored pants and with skirts that are below knee length. Add interest to a plain suit or a hint of colour to an all black outfit. Fishnets are a great alternative to nylons when the weather is hot and sticky, but bare legs are out of the question!

Swedish Stockings Black Fishnet Socks under pants
Vera Net Socks in Black

Swedish Stockings Black fishnet socks tights
Vera Net

Swedish Stockings Vera Fishnet Tights Black

So how do you do fishnets? Tag us @sustainable_hosiery to share your style!

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