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Our Packaging

We're endeavouring to be more environmentally responsible in every way and we know you are too! Here's some more info on the packaging we use to send your orders and the best way to dispose of it. 


We use the Better Packaging Co's comPOST packs to send out your order. 

ComPOST packs are certified home compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchel partly made from plants. They behave just like a plastic satchel except when left in nature! In a home compost I will biodegrade in 3-6 months and can also be commercially composted.

All mailers from the Better Packaging Co. are now also certified carbon free! 


How to Compost your Mailing Satchel


  1. Pop it in your own compost (making sure to remove the seal and any labels first).

  2. Don’t have one? Think about setting one up. Did you know, approximately half of what households send to landfill is compostable material. 10% is from the garden and whopping 40% is from the kitchen.There are a number of ways to compost depending on your situation, there’s a great guide here. If you’re in Oz you might be able to save up to 80% on compost bins and worm farms with your local council!

  3. Not interested in composting or just don’t have the space? Here are some other options :

    • ShareWaste which aims to link up those people without composting with those who do – it’s genius!

    • In Australia, the PlanetArk website will help you find your nearest composter


  1. Does your work collect food scraps for composting?
    If so, just pop your used pack in with your sandwich crusts.


2.    No? Why not encourage your company           to do just that. There are a number of               recycling companies which will collect               compostable waste and make sure it is             recycled. The business recycling site will           help you find your nearest composter.



Swedish Stockings 

Swedish Stockings packaging is made from FSC-Certified cardboard  which can be recycled via your kerbside pick-up but can also be composted just like our mailers - for best results, cut or tear into small pieces before adding to your compost bin. 

Where possible, Swedish Stockings avoid plastic packaging but many of the more delicate styles require plastic for effective quality control and to avoid unnecessary waste. The plastic bags can be re-used and recycled via Redcycle. Swedish Stockings are actively looking into viable alternatives to plastic bags for the future.



Woron items come in a recycled cardboard box, completely plastic free. 

As with Swedish Stockings, you can choose to recycle or compost cardboard. 

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