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About Sustainable Hosiery & Essentials

Fibre for Good Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuit
Swedish Stockings Eva Dot Socks
Woron Organic Cotton Soft Bra
Fibre for Good Long Sleeve Zip Romper
Swedish Stockings Doris Dot Knee-Highs
Woron Sustainable Fashion Essentials
  • Who is Sustainable Hosiery & Essentials?
    We are a small family-owned business consisting of Sue and Mick and daughter, Carly.
  • Where are you located?
    We are based in Sydney, Australia and offer shipping Australia-wide as well as to New Zealand.
  • Why sustainable hosiery?
    We love hosiery because it is one of those wardrobe staples that help to make a capsule wardrobe "work" - adding flexibility and practicality to the clothes you already own and inspiring you to wear them again and again. Unfortunately, for the past century, hosiery has been a terribly polluting industry, relying on petroleum based fabrics and creating products that last only a short time, to be disposed of frequently. So when we heard about Swedish Stockings Conscious Pantyhose we knew this would be a game-changer! We became the first agency to bring Swedish Stockings to the Australian market as a distributor and have since then expanded our offering to include other categories of essential apparel items, all of which are sustainably and ethically made.
  • Are you interested in collaborating with other sustainable brands?
    Yes! Contact us - we would love to hear from you if you are a sustainably-focused business, influencer or if you think that your product would be a good fit for our store.
  • Do you offer international shipping?
    At the moment we are only able to offer shipping with Australia and New Zealand.
  • What delivery service do you use?
    We use Australia Post carbon neutral shipping.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    AUSTRALIA We offer free tracked shipping within Australia via Auspost Parcel Post on orders of $89 (AUD) or more when you select "standard shipping" at the checkout. Delivery cost for orders under $89 is $9.95 standard delivery or $13.95 for express. Please note that we are not responsible for parcels lost in transit or missing deliveries. Delivery period is 4-6 working days. For urgent orders within Australia, please select "express shipping". Express Shipping rate is $13.95 ​ NEW ZEALAND ​ We offer free tracked shipping to New Zealand via Australia Post Economy Air on orders of $99 (AUD) . Delivery cost for under $99 is $17.00 (AUD). Please note that we are not responsible for parcels lost in transit or missing deliveries. Delivery period is 7-9 working days.
  • Will I be charged duties if shipping to New Zealand?
    We advise customers ordering in New Zealand to limit their purchases to under $200 (AUD) to avoid paying expensive duties. If ordering multiple deliveries, please allow some time between purchases or New Zealand customs may count them as one order and apply duties accordingly ​
  • Do you use environmentally friendly packaging to ship orders?
    Indeed we do! We use home-compostable bags from the Better Packaging Co.
  • Who are Swedish Stockings?
    Headed up by eco-entrepreneurs Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, Swedish Stockings was founded as the world's first sustainable hosiery label with a mission to influence and transform the whole industry.
  • Are Swedish Stockings ethically made?
    Absolutely - they are made in Italy and the factories that Swedish Stockings choose to work with are carefully selected for their commitment to environmental, social and workplace wellbeing. Swedish Stockings are certified by several independent bodies to ensure adherence to strict standards of ethical production. You can find out more here.
  • What are Swedish Stockings made from?
    The main component of the majority of Swedish Stockings hosiery is recycled polyamide which is sourced from post-production and postconsumer nylon waste. The recycled fibres are sourced from Fulgar, Nilit and Econyl. Elastane is also neccessary to add stretchiness and the ratio of recycled nylon to elastane varies from style to style. We are happy to be able to offer several styles which consist of recycled elastane and are therefore 100% recycled! Some styles incorporate natural fibres including natural EVO derived from castor beans, organic cotton, bio-woll and viscose.
  • Are Swedish Stockings products free from harmful chemicals?
    Yes - all the products we sell at Sustainable Hosiery & Essentials Australia are chemical free. Swedish Stockings is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.
  • Are Swedish Stockings certified vegan?
    No, but all the dyes used in the manufacturing process are vegan.
  • I would like to sell Swedish Stockings in my retail store, do you wholesale? "
    Yes! We love to partner with like-minded retail outlets to bring Swedish Stockings to the marketplace in Australia and New Zealand. Email us at for more information.
  • How do I make my stockings last?
    1. CHOOSING THE CORRECT SIZE We have a size guide that should be looked at before purchasing tights. This size guide can be found on every page of every style. If a customer is in-between sizes, we recommend purchasing the larger size. 2. BEFORE YOU WEAR THEM… GIVE THEM A STRETCH Pre-stretching the tights, by placing one hand on the foot of one leg, and the other on the top of part of the tights and pulling them apart, gently, helps to get the yarn ready and mobile to be put on and stretched on to your body. This also promotes a longer life for the yarn. We recommend doing this after every wash. 3. SCRUNCH THEM UP, ONE LEG AT A TIME Yes, that annoying thing your mom would always tell you to do before putting on your tights… well she was right! Tights cannot be put on the same way jeans can, but we promise that following these steps will elongate the lifeline of your tights. First, make sure your nails are smooth and you have no sharp jewellery on (see tip number 5!). Then, bunch or scrunch one leg together and put one foot in, pull the tight up to your knee. By doing this, you leave enough yarn to fit over the rest of your legs, and also spreading the tights evenly over your body. Repeat the same step with the other leg, stopping at the knee. Apply the same method to pull the rest of the tights up over your thighs and hips. 4. ONLY PULL FROM THE BOTTOM UP If you feel that too much yarn is concentrated in one spot, or that the yarn looks uneven, take off the tights and repeat the process again, trying to pull as evenly as possible up your body. Do not try to move the yarn incrementally up your body, as this risks snagging the yarn and/or ruining the tights. Tights can only be stretched from the bottom up! 5. WEAR WITH CARE Our nets and lace models require greater care and attention than compared to our higher denier models (i.e. Olivia, Lia, etc). We recommend not being active (i.e. biking, running, etc) when wearing our delicate models. Recommended care for all models, include making sure that your nails and toenails are filed smooth, avoid touching your legs if you are wearing sharp jewellery or anything the yarn can snag on, and avoid any unnecessary friction. Although our stockings come with reinforced toes, some customers choose to wear socks under tights to avoid their toes poking through, and some choose to wear socks overtop tights to avoid friction with shoes. 6. WASH EVERY 5-6 WEARS To save money, time and the environment it is best to wash your clothes, and likewise your stockings, only when needed! We recommend hand-washing your tights in cold water, every 5-6 wears in order to get rid of the build-up of body oils and dead skin cells. It is also possible to wash our tights in a washing machine, on a delicate cycle, at 30 degrees celsius, preferably in a mesh garment bag. Avoid putting the tights in with anything that they can snag on, such as zippers, hooks, clasps, or any metal parts or heavy-duty clothing items. 7. AVOID FABRIC SOFTENERS, THE DRYER AND MAKE THE MOST OF SPOT CLEANING No need to add any softeners when washing our tights, as they can damage the elastane. As with any delicate item, our stockings best retain their fit and shape through air drying. A full wash is only recommended every 5-6 wears, so in between washes, spot cleaning is a viable option! If only a tiny spot is dirty, you can spot clean with a mild detergent.
  • Who are Woron?
    Woron was created and is owned by Danish sisters, Anya and Arina Woron.
  • Is Woron ethically made?
    Yes - find out more about the high standards of Woron's manufacturing facilities here.
  • What does PETA Approved Certified Vegan mean?
    According to Peta, “vegan” means that no animal-derived products, including but not limited to fur, leather, silk, down or wool, are used, produced and distributed.
  • What size bralette should I choose?
    Size XS: equivalent to a size 60-70A, 65B Size S: equivalent to sizes 80A, 70B-75B Size M: equivalent to sizes 80B, 60-75C Size L: equivalent to sizes 75C-75D, 80C Size XL: equivalent to sizes 75D-85D If you are in between sizes, we recommend you to go with the bigger size.
  • Who is Fibre for Good?
    Fibre for Good is an Australian brand, founded and owned by long-time friends and fashion industry veterans Carl Ludwig and Fiona Su who have a passion for transparent, ethical and sustainable clothing.
  • What is Organic Natural Colour Cotton?
    ONCC is cotton that has been grown using chemical-free sustainable farming methods. It grows in three naturally occurring shades, eliminating the need to use any dyes to colour the garments! Find out more here.
  • What size should I choose for baby?
    000 = 4-6kg or up to 65cm (0-3 months) 00 = 6-8kg or up to 68cm (3-6 months) 0 = 8-10kg or up to 76cm (6-9 months) 1 = 10-12kg or up to 84cm (10-12 months)
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