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Welcome to Sustainable : Normal

It's our first post and I thought it would be fitting (and polite) to give you a bit of an introduction to the team here at Sustainable Hosiery Australia and a word on what our vision is.

We are a (very) small family business with some decades of experience in the fashion and retail industries between us (without wanting to divulge too much about our ages!)

Passion for classic style evidenced here by my high-waisted jumpsuit

Mum has always influenced me for good in the form of passing on a love for all things classic, particularly classic fashion and individuality - and an acute aversion to throw-away fashion. We also share a passion for sustainability in all its forms, but, being very normal, we have often wondered, well, how to actually achieve it. Having come to the conclusion that doing something is better than doing nothing, we have pursued several avenues over the years to promote more ethical and environmentally friendly consumerism in Australia.

Our Values

When we talk sustainable, we mean we love fashion that is:

* Made from natural fibres

* Where possible, made from recycled materials

* Made without the use of harmful dyes and other chemicals

* Made using environmentally sustainable production methods

* Made by people who are valued, treated with respect and properly recompensed for their work

* Made to withstand the test of time and the passing fashion trends.

Enter Swedish Stockings

Naturally, considering the above list, we were delighted to be introduced to Swedish Stockings Conscious Pantyhose which ticks all of those boxes without so much of compromise on quality, style or consistency.

When you think about it, switching to a sustainable brand of hosiery is a great way to make sustainable a normal part of your life. So many women wear some form of hosiery, whether it be sheer pantyhose for professionalism or the practicality and warmth of opaques in the cooler months, or a chic pair of fishnets to set off that killer outfit - all of these items are generally destined to join the billions of pieces of fast fashion which end up in landfill each year. But each time you swap out a cheaply made, petroleum based hosiery product for one that is made from recycled yarn, using environmentally sustainable production methods, plus made to last and to be recycled again, you are helping to make sustainable normal.

We would love to hear about ways that you are making sustainable normal in your life!

#sustainable_normal #sustainablehosiery

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