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Where to Get Gorgeous Matching "Mummy and Me" Outfits this Mother's Day

What could be cuter than Mother's Day lunch with your mini-me in tow? This is our hand-picked selection of thoughtfully designed clothing for mums and children to help make your day special and a celebration of the women that create and inspire them.

Handmade in the Hawkesbury

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to support mums in business? Newcomer label Ruby and Elle was created by mum of three, Emily, and is the epitome of a home-grown small business, built on love for family and loyal local customers.

Ruby and Elle's Mum & Mini collection features beautiful vintage florals and is designed from a mum's point of view with practicality in mind. The lovely Aubrey dress for women is not only light and comfortable, but breastfeeding-friendly - a great bonus for new mums!

What's more, there are matching Daddy and Son tees and rompers - so you can use your Mother's Day privilege to dress the boys in cuteness too!

Cungelella Collaboration

Family owned T-shirt label, Kind is Cool, is on a mission to spread kindness and to inspire people to be kind. This is the theme of all their designs as well as the philosophy of their production which boasts some of the highest ethical and sustainable standards in Australia.

Kind is Cool has teamed up with - a collaboration with Kalkadoon women and sisters Glenda, Jaunita, Dale and Cheryl. Their designs are a stunning contemporary take on traditional Aboriginal Art that reflects the rugged ranges and native fauna and flora that surrounds their Kalkadoon home.

With sizes running from babies through to adults, you can mix and match outfits for the whole family to enjoy the beauty of these prints inspired by Land and Culture.

"This is our tribe, we come in all shades, but most importantly what is being portrayed here is that we should embrace the colours of all humanity like children do, who see no colour, just kindness, love and friendship."

Boho Babes

Sunday Rae Plus Size Matching Mum and Mini Bohemian Dress
Sunday Rae Acacia Collection

If you're lucky enough to be somewhere warm enough to swim on Mother's Day, free-spirited fashion label Sunday Rae has truly gorgeous Mum and Mini swimwear sets, ethically made from recycled materials.

Their online store also features an extensive collection of bohemian-chic pieces with an inclusive size range from XS to XXXL and, of course, plenty of options to co-ordinate with the little ones! Again, Sunday Rae is mum-designed with mums in mind, so comfortable, fuss-free designs feature throughout the collection, brought to life by colourful nature-inspired prints.

Perhaps completely matching outfits is not your style, but you love the idea of celebrating your mother-daughter bond through fashion...why not get subtly matchy-matchy with accessories?

Swedish Stockings' very first collection of sustainable Mum & Mini hosiery is perfect for Mother's Day!

As a mother of a daughter, I have always found it quite difficult to find good quality girl's tights - especially for children once they get past the baby stage - let alone any that are sustainably and ethically made. With Swedish Stockings founder and CEO, Linn Frisinger recently becoming a mum herself, sustainable hosiery for children is now on the radar!

"It’s a given that kids also should be able to wear sustainably produced tights."

Linn Frisinger, Swedish Stockings CEO

Retro Revival

Established in 2002, Oobi , has always been about unique Australian designed prints, eco-friendly fabrics and dyes and high ethical standards of manufacturing - that's way before the mainstream was even thinking about these issues!

Oobi designs are known for their bright stand-out signature style and retro-inspired pieces - from 90s style cardigans to 1950s aprons - all of which are now available in both women's and children's sizes so you can mix and match to your heart's delight!

Want to get on board with this uber-cute trend this Mother's Day? Don't just settle for the mass-produced offerings that "everyone" seems to be buying - there are so many fantastic unique labels to explore that are just as accessible. Plus with brands like these, you'll be supporting the creativity and livelihoods of local mums - Happy Mother's Day!