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The One Wardrobe Staple you Need This Winter

You absolutely cannot go wrong with opaque tights in the cold weather. Season after season, opaques see our favourite outfits through single digit temperatures on the way to work or that late night out with the girls, without compromising on style.

Now, thanks to Swedish Stockings, opaque tights are not only the stylish option, but also the sustainable one. With a myriad of options, all of which are ethically made from recycled materials and designed to LAST, you need never feel guilty about feeding your hosiery fetish again! Besides, having a selection of quality stockings to accessorise with can really extend the possibilities of your existing capsule wardrobe that much further.

With this is mind, lets take a look at some of the pros when it comes to winter fashion and how they rock a snug pair of tights...

1. Gossip Girl Style

Any list of opaque stylistas would be completely remiss without featuring Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf and her trademark Upper Eastside prep! Black opaques with banana yellow stilettos is certainly a bold move, but you don't necessarily have to push the envelope so far to benefit from the stunning effect of pairing block colours and the sleek silhouette of black opaques with a classic tailored overcoat.

For an opaque stocking with plenty of coverage, try Swedish Stockings Lia Premium 100 Denier Tights made from 94% Ecocare recycled polyamide. These thick opaques fit snuggly to your legs and prevent any slippage. The waistband has been expertly created to sit flatly and avoid digging into your skin for ultimate comfort.

2. Taylor Swift

Lets be honest; Taylor is never really seen without bags of style, especially when it comes to tights, but perhaps where she really excels is in the field of semi-opaques. For those slightly warmer days and trans-seasonal periods, a medium weight stocking offers endless possibilities. And don't just think black, colour variations such as burgundy or navy add an extra edge to your outfit.

Olivia Premium 60 denier Tights nail this look. Choose from black, nearly black, navy and bordeaux, made from 92% recycled polyamide. They're slightly sheer, but super strong!

3. Anne Hathaway

The elegant Anne Hathaway showcases how you can make opaques work even for evening wear. Charcoal is a great choice to wear with soft textured fabrics if you want to avoid the risk of black looking bottom-heavy. Slip on a pair of heels and you're cocktail - ready!

For those who love the idea of recycled fibres but also love natural fibres, Stina Premium Bio-Cotton Tights is the perfect choice. Organic Bio- Cotton is both sustainably grown and ethically produced with certification from the Global Organic Textiles Standard. To channel Anne Hathaway's look, choose Charcoal or go for Stina Cotton tights in classic black and enjoy their softness, warmth and breathability.

4.Rose Byrne

Not ready to say goodbye to your favourite shorts? Do as Rose Byrne does (in the most refined and grown up way!) and wear your opaques underneath! This can look great with patterned tights too. In order to keep it classy, choose shorts that are not too too short or tight and a tailored variety works best.

Alice Premium Cashmere tights are the perfect partner for tailored shorts and are the ultimate in luxury feel and finish.

5. Selena Gomez

This girl really knows how to flaunt the over-the-knee sock trend! The over-sized knit or sweater is a really cosy look and if you pair with boots you're sure to stay warm, despite showing a little more skin. For extra warmth (and cuteness), layer over the top of tights like Selena on the right.

Alma is our gorgeous over-the-knee ribbed socks available in black or fashionable camel. If thigh - high is a little hard to get your head around, knee-high stockings can give you a slightly more conservative look and can, of course, be worn under pants for extra warmth. Try Irma Support Knee-Highs for full coverage or Astrid Knee Highs for a patterned option.

For more ideas on how to wear your stockings all year round, check out our Pinterest profile.

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