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Ethically Made Dresses You Can Wear To The Office

And Sustainable Hosiery to transform your look from day to day.

Sustainable Hosiery Ethically Made Work Wear

Heading back into the office means the return of an age-old dilemma which you probably haven't faced for quite awhile: what to wear! Yes, it's time to shift gears and ditch the uggboots and trackies (sad face) and think about being a bit more presentable. Thinking back to when you were last in the office, it was more than likely still the warm beginnings of Autumn you may even be heading for a major wardrobe reshuffle!

We're here to offer some inspiration for your winter work wardrobe and to point you to some labels that are producing beautifully designed and ethically made corporate attire. Swedish Stockings is a must for the environmentally conscious business woman, creating a professional look but with a hint of personality. We'll show you how to transform your look with various selections from Swedish Stockings recycled, zero-waste and zero-emissions hosiery so you can make the most of your sustainable wardrobe.

Here's some of our favourite ethically and sustainably made office wear brands:

  1. Sumissura

Sustainable Hosiery Sumissura Tailored Womens Wear

Created, by three young entrepreneurs who were struggling to find affordable custom tailoring, Sumissura was formed with the vision "to spread comfortable, elegant and perfectly fitted clothing throughout the world“. Sumissura offers a truly personalised experience, allowing clients to customise their style, fabric and fit or choose from ready to order garments.

Sumissura is committed to providing their high quality outfits at really affordable prices but are also committed to ensuring that their workers are paid fairly and provided good working conditions.

Sustainable Hosiery Sheer Control and Pattern Pantyhose

Dresses like the Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sheath Dress (pictured above) are made to your exact measurements and can be customised in many different ways. A tailored block colour dress like this is best worn with a more sheer style of pantyhose to create a sense of balance and lightness. Our Swedish Stockings Elin Premium 20 Denier Tights are our most sheer style and come in a range of nude and black shades to suit a wide variety of skin tones. See more 20 denier styles here. For a little more warmth in the cooler weather, go for up to a 50 denier style, such as the very popular Anna Control-Top Tights with the added benefits of shaping and smoothing. To add texture and personality, a subtle patterned stocking such as Swedish Stockings Selma Net Tights will bring interest and individuality to your style, while still looking professional.

2. Wilga Clothing

Sustainable Hosiery Australian Made Fashion

Wilga is designed and entirely handmade in Melbourne, producing elegant and feminine pieces that are easy to wear. They have a focus on natural fibres and flattering vintage influenced designs which lend themselves easily to a classic, trans-seasonal wardrobe which can be dressed up or down and layered in the cooler weather.

Sustainable Hosiery Lace Burgundy Pattern Tights

Wilga's Katie Dress is a stunning example of their versatile dresses which come in different lengths and different colours. Wilga also makes some gorgeous botanical patterns but if you need to be a little bit conservative, the Black Rose damask style is a good compromise. With this longer length and looser fit, the Katie Dress could easily to be accessorised with a hint of lace or colour. Swedish Stockings' Frida Lace Tights features a modern and sophisticated lace motif, while the new Josefin Drop Tights create a unique look with a hint of Baroque. Opt to break up the black with the rich burgundy tones of Olivia Premium 60 Denier Tights in Bordeaux.

This kind of look would be suited to a slightly more casual or creative workplace.

3. Ginger and Smart

Sustainable Hosiery Australian Ethical Fashion

Moving up to the higher end of Australian ethical fashion, Ginger and Smart offer an ultra-sophisticated work edit. With a commitment to sustainability, ethical trade and giving back to the community, Ginger and Smart are an example to be followed by other high profile brands.

Sustainable Hosiery Ginger and Smart Corporate Dress

Crafted from Italian charcoal, viscose twill, the Admiral Dress is a classic piece that can easily be layered with a shirt or bodysuit throughout winter. Again, picking hosiery that it not too heavy is key for this length of dress, something semi opaque such as Swedish Stockings Hanna Seamless Tights, designed for extra comfort is a good choice at 40 denier. Many women love the freedom and vintage appeal of stay-up stockings and now with the Swedish Stockings 2020 collection, they are finally available as 100 % recycled eco-friendly Mira Premium Stay-Ups. Mira is available in both black and sand is a sheer 20 denier weight for a classic and elegant look. For a subtle textured look, try our Nina Fishbone Tights.

4. Nique

Sustainable Hosiery Australian Independent Designer Fashion

With stores in hip Newtown and Fitzroy, Nique is an Australian boutique label which is edgy and modern. Nique has a focus on capsule wardrobe pieces and unisex design plus a firm commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainability.

Sustainable Hosiery Shirt Dress Support Stay-up Semi-Sheer Stockings

The Nique Hydra dress is a classic shirt dress with definite "boss lady" appeal! For the business woman who's on her feet all day, Irma Support Tights offer much-needed relief for tired legs. Add a touch of surprise with Swedish Stockings Josefin Drop Tights in Ivory. You can still wear black hosiery with a light - coloured dress, but once again, keep it light-weight and pair with heels or boots. Svea Premium Tights will provide that little bit of warmth while keeping a sheer appearance.

5. Viktoria & Woods

Sustainable Hosiery Australian Made Womens' Suit

If you're looking for Australian made corporate fashion, look no further than premier Australian label Viktoria & Woods. The majority of their luxurious and feminine designs are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia , with many of them manufactured on shore.

Sustainable Hosiery Viktoria & Woods Dress

The Chappelle Dress from Viktoria & Wood, with it's enduring elegance, would sit ideally as a key piece in any capsule wardrobe. Our Swedish Stockings Edith Lace Tights would be a fine choice to emphasise the femininity of the look, as would Sustainable Hosiery favourite Doris Dot Tights in which you can seriously channel the style of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Of course you can never go wrong with wardrobe staples such as a 20 denier sheer pair of pantyhose, in which case Swedish Stockings Maria Innovations Tights are a super sustainable choice.

For more corporate fashion inspiration, visit our Pinterest page!

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